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Kay-SidesBy Katie Galloway

“I always loved fashion from the time I was a little girl,” says Kay Sides. “I would study the pages in Bazaar and Vogue and memorize who the designers were, the makeup artists, the photographers…”

Now, Kay is one of those artists, and supports other artists to have successful careers

With offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas, her business and showroom, HATCh, specializes in branding, innovation, consulting, and communications. Through HATCh, Kay has worked with brands such as Lacoste, Victoria Beckham, Alexander McQueen, and Yohji Yamamoto Coming Soon.

HATCh has done very well over the years and Kay thinks that the business will only continue to flourish. “HATCh is continuously evolving and growing. We are currently very fortunate to be experiencing a large growth spurt in our consulting division,” Kay says. Additionally, they are preparing to open an office in Paris, as well as working on various international luxury projects.

Despite great success, Kay remains incredibly humble, which she attributes to growing up in Hawaii. “It didn’t matter if I was in Milan, Paris, Rome, Florence,” she reminisces, “I was always clear that as amazing as it was, nothing compared to being home.” Because her roots to Hawaii have kept her grounded, Kay says that she has been able to keep ego out of her work.

As much as Kay is passionate about fashion, she is equally passionate about giving back. The HATCh initiative, Fashion for Good, currently focuses on getting water to those who need it, specifically in Nicaragua. Kay says that in the near future she sees herself expanding the Fashion for Good segment in a continued effort to align with projects that resonate with her values.

To those who are trying to break into the fashion world, Kay says, “If you’re passionate about your vision, you can do anything. Be willing to work and stay receptive. And, always stay true to who you are. Sticking to your truth and retaining your integrity make or break how you feel about the work you are doing.”

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